Information from two images georeferenced in a GIS. The light-red strips indicate both the A19 extension and other roads possibly to be constructed. The light-yellow polygons represent the excavation sites Cross Roads and Canadian dug-outs. The lines and polygons in blue depict a reconstruction of the landscape during the war. The blue polygons represent the houses and the moated sites, while the full blue lines indicate roads and the blue dotted lines the borders of farmland. The deep-red, yellow and green structures represent data taken from an aerial photograph previous to the Second Ypres (exact date unknown): the full lines are trenches and the dotted lines are roads constructed by the armed forces. The yellow features are the Canadian dug-outs and the green polygons represent non- identifiable structures. The black triangles are shell holes. The pink structures originate from an aerial photograph taken in April 1917, the full lines representing trenches and the dotted lines roads constructed by soldiers (left). Same figure on top of an aerial photograph (right).