Rudolf Lange was a German officer who was in the area in 1915 and 1916. At the left side a drawing he made from Turco Farm (Engländerhof), at the right a plan of the Cross Roads area wich he drawed in his diary. The red color are the Allied trenches (Cross Roads), which were partly excavated bij the Flemish Heritage Institute (VIOE).

Within the gained territory of the Second Battle of Ypres the Germans built an extensive and heavily fortified system of trenches of which the High Command Redoubt section (also known as Mauser Ridge) is of importance to the A19 archaeological survey [British, German, French, … troops used names in their own language for streets, villages, farms and other important structures in the landscape. In this way soldiers could better understand where they were and where they had to head for.]. The opposing allied forces were located down the slope in the Turco Farm – Forward Cottage – Cross Roads area, places which were also threatened by the A19 extension plan. Contemporary military records indicate that once again vast numbers of soldiers died between Steenstraete and Mauser Ridge (French, Algerian, Canadian, Indian, British, German and Belgian).