The human remains of a soldier under excavation (left). The skull of one of the soldiers found during the fysical anthropological research (right).

In addition to the standard equipment, a complete French “Vermorel” sprinkler was found. Such objects were used at the end of the 19th century to destroy the weeds, but during the First World War the British soldiers used them against the poisonous chlorine gas from the Germans. By sprinkling a certain chemical solution the gas dissolved. On this site a well preserved sniping plate was also found (More information about sniping plates can be found in SAUNDERS 2000, p. 13-14.).
In terms of glassware, numerous remains of rum jars and glass bottles were collected on the site, some of them complete. Large and small bottles were found, together with small glass jars used for meatpie. Some of them still contained marks offering indications about the contents and the place of manufacture. Copper screw caps of jerrycans were also found here. Besides those common objects, there were also some rare finds including small ceramic medicine jars, remains of candles used as lights during nighttime, a completely preserved iron hammer, pincers, nails and several pick-axes.Two different types of cartridges from flare pistols were recovered here.