The entrance and the room of the shallow dugout (left).
The pump found at the entrance of the dugout (right).

Starting from this important trench, a sap leading to a jumping off trench was dug towards Admiralís Road to prepare for Third Ypres. The trench was dug quite deep and was fortified with expanded metal, A-frames, vertical planks and horizontal posts. Along the trench the entrance to a well preserved underground wooden room (1.60m x 0.95m / height: 1.50m) was discovered which could be reached with a staircase. A copper pump was found at the entrance with a rubber tube leading to the room. Itís not clear yet what the function was of that room, it could be a sump, but it is more likely to be a depot (possibly for ammunition).
Another interesting feature was a brick floor connected by some duckboards to the previously mentioned trench. This could have been a platform for an 18-pounder field artillery gun, as suggested by depressions in the surface of the bricks, which seem to match the positions of the wheels and tail of such an artillery piece. Traces of sandbags were noted in front of the platform and unused 18-pounder shells were collected nearby.