Regimental badge from The Buffs (left).
Regimental badge from the Royal King’s Rifle Corps (middle).
Regimental badge from the Dorsetshire Regiment (right).

Numerous artefacts were collected, most being parts of standard combat equipment. These included uniform buttons, several copper buckles, and other fragments of the leather webbing. The remains of two peaked caps were retrieved, one of them with a cap-badge which was not very well preserved. Four regimental insignia were collected from the trenches: one from The buffs (East Kent Regiment), a second one from the Royal King’s Rifle Corps, a third one of the Royal Horse Artillery Brigade and a fourth one from the Dorsetshire Regiment. Several yellow-copper standard spoons from different production factories were also present. A fragment of one of them is very interesting because it contains the personal number of a soldier. The staff of the In Flanders Fields Museum attempted to identify the individual but failed to find any information about the person in the casualty lists, suggesting that this soldier probably survived the war.