Part of a standard equipment spoon with the engraved personal number of a soldier (left).
A collection of bottles found on the site (right).

Also noteworthy were the mica eye lenses from gas masks, which are the remains of the oldest type of gas mask (Hypo gas mask) which soldiers started to use in July 1915. Several round eyepieces from the later “p” and “pH” gas masks were also collected. Only a few typical blue water bottles were uncovered, close to a concentration of leather webbing used to carry water bottles. Pocket-knives and razors were also part of the standard equipment of the soldiers, a couple of these were also found on the site. Some fragments of tooth-brushes and the handle of a shaving brush were also retrieved. Some entrenching tools and the webbing of one of them was also found. Only three remains of standard Lee-Enfield rifles were collected. Standard 0.303-inch cartridges were found in large quantities in every trench. Two full cases of them were found in a dump. Copper Oil containers which were used to maintain the Lee-Enfield were also retrieved in several places, one of them still filled with oil. Four complete shuffles were found in the trenches and the underground structure. The remains of several aniline pencils were also present at this site. Another find was a small glass ampoule (phial) which used to be filled with iodine to disinfect wounds.