One of the wooden platforms excavated at High Command Redoubt (left).
The remains of a German trench with A-frames. An iron pipeline, possibly leading to a deep dugout, crosses the trench underneath it. On top of the picture there is a dump of German Stielhandgranate (right).

At this site, the traces of shell holes seemed to be dominant. In the Northern half several wooden structures were uncovered. Four rectangular/square platforms were built close to each other. They were probably used as floors for field artillery. One of them was linked with a solidly built trenchsystem, in which large wooden planks were placed on top of heavy A-frames. A remarkable feature was an iron pipeline underneath the trench. It could be an illumination pipeline for a deep dugout, since it leads in the direction of a depression in the field, which is an indication for such an underground structure. The walls of another trench were built from branches and twigs. Another large wooden structure could also be identified as a field artillery platform. Some traces of concrete shelters could also be found, but no real structures. It was remarkable that there were almost no artefacts on this site, indicating the high probability that it had been ‘cleaned’ when the Germans left. The only objects found were a bayonet (used for a Mauser Gewehr 98) (The website contains more information about this subject.), the poorly preserved remains of a shovel and some ammunition (German Stielhandgranate (stickbombs) and remains of shrapnel).