World War One remains unearthed at Menin

The archaeological research at Menen Kortewaagstraat (from April 1, 2006 to June 22, 2007) revealed archaeological testamonies of the First World War, next to numerous traces of the Roman era. At this very spot local authoroties plan an extension to the industrial estate of Menen-Oost. The site is outlined by the A19 motorway to the north, the Bruggestrazat to the west, the N32 to the east an finally the Krommebeek to the south. During the preliminary research, conducted with several test-pits, traces of two trenches were located in the western part of the site. The first trench was fully excavated; although the entire feature was located within one test pit, only the lower part of the structure was researchable. The trench was oriented SW-NE. The upper part was disturbed by the ploughsoil. The trench was 50m long, and 0,70m wide (fig. 1 and 2). At regular intervals, the line of the trench is bulged, forming bays within the trench. The feature has been indicated as a German type of trench, due to its resemblance to trenches documented in the Diksmuide sector. In the fill of the trench several cases from a Mauser-rifle, fragments of an enamelled waterbottle and mess tin.