Burial of the three Royal Sussex soldiers found at the nearby Cross Roads excavation site.

. Throughout the work, there was a strict procedure to be followed when human remains were found. After the examination of the bodies and the accompanying artefacts, the recovered remains of British soldiers are re-buried in one of the many British cemeteries around Ypres. The French remains are deposited in a mass grave at one of the major French cemeteries in the area. However, while none of the soldiers found by the I.A.P. could be individually identified, it was generally possible to deduce the nationality or regiment of the deceased person.
Four of the British soldiers found at the excavations (one found on the Turco site and the three Royal Sussex men found on the Cross Roads site) have already been buried next to each other at the Track X cemetery near the Cross Roads excavation site. Each burial was accompanied by a short ceremony led by an Anglican priest and organised by the C.W.G.C. (Commonwealth War Graves Commission). The first burial (of the Turco soldier) was attended by Lord Faulkner (House of Lords (UK)), Ivor Caplin MP (the British Minister of Veteran Affairs) and his military assistant, Commander Nigel Amphlett (12th of September 2003 / second ceremony: 22th of January 2004).