This shoe (with the foot and part of the leg still in it) were the first remains of the French soldier retrieved from the ditch (left).On the inside of the shoe some numbers and letters gave us a clue about the nationality and the place of manufacture (right).

At the Turco site the remains of two soldiers were recovered and examined. One of them could be identified as British, based on the uniform buttons which were preserved, and a pair of standard gloves. The physical anthropologist of the Institute for the Archaeological Heritage of the Flemish Community (M. Vandenbruaene) could determine that the person had to be 25 to 30 years old. The remains of another soldier were found in a ditch near the site. The French nationality was determined on the basis of the buttons and the manufacturing marks on the soles of his shoes. The skeleton was almost complete, and he was about 30 years at the time of death.