The DOVO (Dienst voor Opruiming en Vernietiging van Ontploffingstuigen - a special bomb disposal unit from the Belgiam Army) gives explanation to the archaeologists about the dangers of ammunition (left). Some grenades found on the excavation site (right).

The most remarkable structures found during the excavations were the traces of shell holes and remains of trenches. There were large and smaller shell holes. Sometimes it was possible to detect which type of ammunition was used to cause the explosion. The direction from where the shell was fired could be reconstructed by investigating the shape of the crater. Other archaeological traces were disturbed severely by the intensity of the shelling. In one of the testpits only a fragment of an A-frame could be recorded (An A-frame was a wooden structure, in an upside down A-shape, within a trench to support the duckboards, standardised wooden platforms on which soldiers could walk without sinking away in the mud).