The remains of the collapsed shelter. The corrugated iron lies on top of the wooden planks. Notice the shape of a sandbag on the top right.

A third testpit also contained some remains of trenches, of which one segment was reinforced by corrugated Iron. In the filling, the remains of sandbags, used for the parapet, were also found. Near another trench the remains of a collapsed shelter could be studied. It was constructed alongside the trench. The structure found was probably the wooden roof, covered with corrugated iron plates. Some sandbags that served as part of the walls of the shelter were preserved in situ. Though the textile covering was gone, but the shape of the bags and the marks of the textile could still be recognised.
Numerous objects were found during the dig, which had to be differentiated between those used in the trenches during the fighting and those that were deposited there during the cleaning at the end of the war. Three categories of material could be distinguished: standard equipment, other articles of use and ammunition (Good reference collections of these objects can be found at the In Flanders Fields Museum, Museum “Hooge Crater”, the “Hill 60 Museum” and the “Hill 62 Museum”, all of them in or near Ypres.).