A French “Vermorel” sprinkler, used to neutralize chlorine gas.

During the excavations at the Cross Roads site (Ypres – St John), while uncovering a trench dug in April-May 1915, a particularly interesting object was found : a very well preserved “Vermorel” sprinkler. This kind of device was developed in 1880 by the French engineer Victor Vermorel. At the beginning of the war, this device was one of the first commercialised sprinklers for the extermination of weeds and the atomisation of pesticides.
The sprinkler exists of a copper fluid container which is mounted on a cast iron support. To carry the device on ones back, there were two leather shoulder straps (not preserved) attached to the backside. The right hand side was equipped with a tap which connected a long rubber hose to the copper container. At the end of the hose there was a copper pipe with sprinkler head attached.